Incision Care: Water 2

February 17, 2011


4 Responses to “Incision Care: Water 2”

  1. pam sagan Says:

    Didn’t we want to remove this one and replace it with Boil water 1?

    • pediproject Says:

      Hi there — yes I believe so. I have not made any revisions to images. I am going to make one set of revisions once all of the images are finished. I’ll let everybody know when the first set of images (including the ones added recently) are finished.

  2. pam sagan Says:

    This tea kettle could be on top of a burner of some kind with steam coming out the spout. No thermometer. Then, maybe the picture of the tea kettle contents being poured onto the forearm and then into a basin with washcloth and child with scar nearby like you will wash the wound with soap and the clean water??

  3. pam sagan Says:

    And the submerged baby with a cirlce and line through it.

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