DRAFT Incision Care / Infection Control: Do not apply cream

April 19, 2011


7 Responses to “DRAFT Incision Care / Infection Control: Do not apply cream”

  1. Bistra Says:

    Lizzy and I talked about making the ‘do not’ images with a circle and one line crossing it, like in the Do Not Stop street sign.

  2. pam sagan Says:

    I agree with the circle with one line through it to signify what NOT to do.

    • pediproject Says:

      I will be adding a circle with a line through it to consistently show what not to do. Unfortunately this will only show up when I do all of the revisions.

  3. pam sagan Says:

    Thus, we don’t need a circle to signify the PROPER thing to do? Just show the picture of the right way?

  4. Estelle Says:

    To me, the father looks a little looming and aggressive in both this and the next image. It may just be a matter of perspective — he’s nearer in the field of vision. Is there a way to either make the father image a little smaller, or give him a slightly more friendly expression?

    • pediproject Says:

      Hi there —
      I’d been trying to show that he is looking carefully at the incision. I could try to fiddle around with the scaling or raise his eyebrows slightly? Other thoughts would be appreciated.

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