Behavioral Changes: Sleepy & Sad Children

May 17, 2011

Hey All —

It says to denote 2-3 Weeks next to this drawing. How would you suggest doing so? Many thanks, Lizzy


2 Responses to “Behavioral Changes: Sleepy & Sad Children”

  1. Jeff Says:

    With the two to three weeks to depict the sadness and tiredness changes the only pictorial depictions that I can think of is a monthly calendar with two to three weeks crossed off. Another possibility is a single date calendar with two weeks of the calendar already being torn off and sort of floating away in the background as if two weeks have passed. Both these options seem to be language dependent though if the month and day are part of the monthly or single day at a time calendar.

    • pediproject Says:

      OK, thank you for the comment. I think I’ll insert a calendar with two weeks crossed off, and perhaps put an arc with a sun and a moon or something to show the passage of one day. We may get more suggestions when we get there for this —

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